Transitional Care

Transitioning from pediatric to adult IBD care

An increasing number of children and adolescents are being diagnosed with IBD. Pediatricians and specialists that focus on child and adolescent IBD  do an excellent job with managing the care of these young IBD patients. But eventually they grow up and must switch to a practice for adult patients.

Here at the BWH Crohn’s and Colitis Center we work with patients and their families to make this transition to an adult setting and to  providers as seamless and caring as possible.

Patients and their families are understandably worried. They often have longstanding relationships with pediatric doctors, nurses, and other providers. Our job is to earn their trust and provide uninterrupted care so no one’s health suffers.

During this transition, we are committed to working closely with pediatricians in the community and our friends and colleagues at Boston Children’s Hospital Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center.

We have established a core group of health care providers and an affiliated health care team to make sure our young patients get the care they need and want. Our transition coordinator, Lori Ashworth, troubleshoots problems and provides guidance to patients and their families.

To make an appointment to tour our facilities in person, please call 617-732-6389.

Meet our Transition Team