Tips of Healthier Living with IBD

Know your limits

It is okay to say no to people and events if you are tired or fatigued.

Engage in some form of physical activity

Even a 30-minute walk a few times a week can be beneficial.

Seek support from family and friends

IBD is not an easy disease to have. A go-it-alone attitude is counterproductive. Support from family, friends, and others who have the disease can help. You can usually find a support group in your area. Many people find meeting with a social worker helpful.

Keep up with social events

Don’t let your illness stop you from attending social events. Isolation is not healthy.
But if you’re reluctant, it is understandable. Coming up with a plan that takes into account your bathroom needs and energy level can help you navigate social events.

Educate yourself

Usually people with IBD find it easier to cope with the disease if they learn a fair amount about it. Ask the members of your care team questions. Often it is good idea to write them out first.
It’s easy to get online and find information about IBD. Of course, some sources are more reliable than others.
Members of your care team can suggest reliable websites and discussion boards. Members of a support group can also be helpful in finding trustworthy information.

Find a relaxing activity

Relaxation improves the outlook of people with IBD and, by reducing stress, may have an effect on flares. Reading, walking, journaling, cooking, having engaging an abiding hobby, playing with your children: these and other activities help people relax.

Pamper yourself on occasion

IBD can be phsically and mentally draining. During a difficult period, treat yourself to something that makes you feel good, like a massage.

Start a gratitude journal

Some people find it helpful to write down things that they feel grateful for, especially if they are having a a difficult time with their IBD.

Build flexibility into your schedule

IBD can throw off plans and schedules if they are too tight. If you build extra time into your schedule, it can remove a lot of stress.