Crohn’s Disease Surgery

Surgery for Crohn’s disease also is performed when medical therapies are not enough. Sometimes patients with Crohn’s disease will get a narrowing of their intestines called a “stricture”. When this occurs, and it is unable to be treated with medications, surgery is then used to either remove or, in some cases, widen the bowel. Particularly with Crohn’s disease of the small intestine, bowel preserving surgery is emphasized.

Other areas of the gastrointestinal tract that are involved with Crohn’s disease include the colon, rectum and anus. Along with antibiotics, anorectal problems are often treated surgically to drain infection. Once the infection is cleared, more aggressive medical treatments can then be started. In particular with Crohn’s disease, we work in close conjunction with our surgical colleagues since a combination of surgical and medical procedures are often needed in order to maximize a patient’s therapy.